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ZüKo, W. Zurich Municipal AG

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Ice Resurfacing Machines, Rink-systems And Equipment, Hockey Bands & Penalty Boxes

ZüKo, W. Zurich Municipal AG
ZüKo, W. Zurich Municipal AG

Player And Penalty Boxes

The Zurich municipal W. AG has more than 35 years in the municipal business and has established itself since 1994 under the name "ZüKo". The nickname "ZüKo" is within a few years the term for innovative technology and rapid and reliable support services become.

In 1994 ZüKo has the range of resurfacers (including personnel and property) adopted by the Rolba-Bucher Group. This acquisition not only the location of the ZüKo to Wetzikon was relocated, but it also meant the entry into the ice rink sector.

Municipal vehicles and devices for every application
The ZüKo AG is an importer of machinery and equipment from leading manufacturers for road maintenance. Tool carriers, special vehicles and equipment for use in winter service, lawn maintenance, and waste disposal are our strengths. With Küper snowplough, we have a quality product, which occupies a leading position in the market for snow removal.

Ice Resurfacing Machines
with the representations of Zamboni and WM Mulser is ZüKo clear market leader in Switzerland. The establishment of the branch Ice Resurfacing Machines ZüKo Germany GmbH was expanded to Germany and the Benelux countries.

Eisbahnbau, rink-systems and equipment
Since 1995, ZüKo engaged with great success in Eisbahnbau. The range Slope Construction and sports facilities are part of our profession such as specially designed for ice cloakroom facilities, timekeeper lodges, ice separations Eiswerbungen, Match watches, perimeter advertising systems, security networks and a wide range of belt systems.
ZüKo is constantly working to expand the field of sport, so ZüKo your ideal is a partner for the Eisbahnbau and their retrofits and renovations. Innovative forms of advertising such as LED strip commercials and multimedia cube belong to the assortment of ZüKo.

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ZüKo, W. Zurich Municipal AG
Zürcherstrasse 67 Postfach 1026
CH-8620 Wetzikon
Tel: +41 44 933 61 11
URL: www.zueko.com

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