Hellas Paves The Way for Topseed Pickleball Installing Durable TPS Court Surfacing in Tulsa

25 April 2024

Pickleball can certainly lay claim as the fastest growing sport in America for the third year in a row with an estimated 36.5 million people playing the game at least once this past year according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA). TOPSEED Pickleball has seen the results first-hand.

"The response to our facility has been overwhelming," said Brett Benton, who is the Managing Partner of TOPSEED Pickleball. "Our courts have been near capacity. We have had over 1,700 unique players in our first 90 days."

Incredible numbers for a sport that is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It all starts with the court surface as Hellas poured close to 25,000 square feet of 5" thick post-tensioned concrete slabs, which included striping for 12 USAP regulated courts at TOPSEED Pickleball. Hellas also installed nearly 200 linear feet of 8" tall vinyl-coated chain link fencing, plus nets and posts for 9 indoor and 3 outdoor pickleball courts.

The TPS Court Surfacing has undergone extreme and rigorous in-house testing and research to ensure court surfacing components are of the highest quality available. The TPS Courts at TOPSEED Pickleball are made of silica sand for medium to slower ball speed and were coated in two main colors of green and blue with white trim in accordance with United States Tennis Association line specifications. The TPS 5000® Fortified Acrylic Color Coating is lined with two-inch-wide lines with tape sealer as a primer coat to ensure razor sharp edges.

Hellas crews used post tensioning below the court surface before pouring the concrete to make sure the pickleball courts were durable and would last. "We made a conscious decision to have the highest quality courts. The players are going to go where the courts are the best and the programming is the best," according to TOPSEED Pickleball General Manager James Moore. "The post tensioning concrete and TPS Court Surfacing by Hellas was the formula to maintain our customer base," added Moore.

TPS Court Surfaces are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces in addition to pickleball including tennis, futsal, and multi-sport courts. Each TPS Court Surface project is designed to each client's needs including logos, windscreens, benches, backboards, and more. "Hellas is the leader in the industry and was chosen for their quality of work," Benton said. "As we all know, the foundation for a good pickleball club is outstanding courts," Benton added.

The 12 LSI lighting sports fixtures for the three outdoor courts were braced with 8 new 20-foot lighting poles. "Each one of our court posts have been sleeved allowing for the removal of the posts and nets," according to Benton. "This allows us to host major and minor league pickleball events and the seating hey require, while removing the post and nets from the courts accommodate the crowds." Dropdown dividers between the three sets of indoor pickleball courts allows us to segregate play.

"The construction process went very smoothly," according to Benton. "We had one point of contact for the entire project with Hellas and it was delivered on time and under budget," added Benton.