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Melos GmbH

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Coloured Granules

Coloured Granules

Melos GmbH from Melle near Osnabrück in Lower Saxony is one of the leading international producers of coloured plastic and EPDM rubber granules. The products of Melos GmbH have been used for decades as components in running tracks, fall protection surfaces and sports and leisure floorings. Melos GmbH also produces high-quality infill granules for synthetic turf pitches.

Melos granules - quality for outstanding performance

What do you expect from a sports floor? One thing is certain: Individual requirements are different. But products from Melos master every hurdle! They are the basis for running tracks and jogging tracks that ensure all sports functional properties, pay off economically, follow design ideas one-to-one, do not pollute the environment and effectively protect the musculoskeletal system. Melos always supplies all the relevant components from A to Z - consulting included.

In focus: EPDM granules for running tracks

Athletics systems are built up in layers. Hard-wearing, PAH-free products are used in the elastic base layer. This is followed by a layer of coloured EPDM granules. 

With high-quality colour pigments, we realise 24 standard colours and exclusive special colours. Polyurethane binders of the "Polycomp" brand round off our finely coordinated product packages.

First-class running track systems for first-class sport - the right components for every requirement

Five different types of career paths have become established over the years. Each system serves a wide variety of requirements. Melos GmbH produces and supplies all components for all track systems. Made in Germany. Click here for an overview.

Melos products for sports facilities - Indoor & Outdoor

Both Melos granules and Polycomp polyurethanes are ideal for multifunctional playing fields and all-weather pitches. The Melos components offer many advantages: year-round usability of the surfaces, optimal sports and playing characteristics and design freedom thanks to the 24 standard and various special colours.

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