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Melos Infill for the perfect turf system

Melos Infill for the perfect turf system

Melos Infill for the perfect turf system EPDM ST

Our aim: Infill granules for the perfect artificial turf system

Made for top performances:

Infill Granules by Melos.

Tested and flexible: The proven Infill EPDM ST is very lightfast and weatherproof. The selection of suitable pigments ensures the durability of the colours. The infill is produced out of virgin material for the use as an artificial turf granule. Melos Infill for the perfect turf system EPDM ST is offered in sulphur cross-linked form. Many years of experience with infill granules have shown that this cross-linking method results in a product with solid ageing stability and optimal sports-technical attributes. Melos Infill for the perfect turf system granules are used in different turf systems and are long-term proven. Intensive tests belong to our standards and ensure a high performance product.

  • Durable
  • Flame-retardant
  • Weatherproof
  • Eco-friendly and harmless to health
  • Virgin material
  • Favorable in terms of care
  • Certified quality
  • Sensible use of resources in the long term
  • Sports-functional

The use of rubber for filling artificial turf pitches is recommended by sports associations and sports medical experts as it protects the skin and joints. The Infill EPDM ST is manufactured for artificial turf systems and provides optimal sports functional properties. Optimal grain form and distribution are significant to the overall performance on a turf system. We have identified the driving parameters and can recommend a suitable granule for your particular requirements. The sieve curves below show the grain distribution of Infill EPDM ST 15 and ST 20, as measured by an optical measuring system. Suitability tests underline Infill ST's ideal suitability for intensive use as infill granules for artificial turf.

Suitability tests

In practical use, infill granules have to withstand severe conditions: intensive mechanical pressures and high stress caused by sun-light and fluctuating climatic conditions. The quality of the sulfur cured Melos Infill EPDM ST granules is continuously tested and controlled by the RAL Quality Monitoring. Naturally, the material also complies with all the usual national standards for artificial turf pitches.

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