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Over 100,000,000 m2 of Laykold sports surfaces installed since 1970

Laykold designed FOR ALL SPORTS

The Laykold acrylic system is an all-weather hard court coating that is both hard- wearing and durable. It can be easily adapted to meet a whole host of criteria in the areas of performance, playability and appearance. For instance, a specially made rubber cushion can be integrated into the system to improve the cushioning effect and, in turn, the comfort of play. The wide choice of colours allows you to add a creative splash to your asphalt or concrete surfaces whether old or new. Thanks to the minimal maintenance requirements and low installation costs, you can reinvigorate existing concrete and asphalt surfaces, and extend the life of existing courts. The main application areas are tennis courts and multi-sports surfaces (for basketball, volleyball, football). Laykold is also a popular solution for roller sports or schools. Laykold was first used in the 1920s until 1930s. Since then, this surface has been in-stalled at more than 100,000 sports facilities throughout the world. During the tennis boom of the 1960s and 70s, Laykold became established as one of the few materials suitable for hard court surfaces. Thanks to the versatility that it offers today, Laykold has become the global market leader for outdoor tennis courts.

Laykold ColorCoat

  • Cost-effective, acrylic hard court coating system

Laykold Advantage

  • Durable multi-sports surfaces with Laykold Advantage

Laykold Masters Color

  • High abrasion resistance with Laykold Masters Color

Laykold Masters 5

  • Comfort of play like no other thanks to the cushioning effect of the Laykold Masters 5

Laykold Masters 8

  • Optimum sporting characteristics with Laykold Masters 8

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