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Splash park

Splash park

Everything for safe anti-slip surface

Easy to clean, hygienic, safe, comfortable: Melos granules and polyurethanes are suitable for anti-slip flooring for outdoor use and in particular for outdoor pools.

Best results achieved very easily

From a simple bulk coating or a system compound (elastic layer plus polyurethane coating) you can create floor coverings for water playgrounds, pool surrounds and many other areas of application. To provide for a nice and smooth feeling when running on anti-slip coverings it is recommended to use recycled granules for building up a resilient base layer below the slip-resistant wear layer. 

Melos always provides all relevant components from A to Z.

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When it comes to safety, an anti-slip coating can make the difference: two different types have become established over the years. The system overview shows the differences in direct comparison.

 Systems suitable for Anti-slip surface

  • One Layer EPDM - Type C
  • Sandwich - Type D

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