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Tennis court

Tennis court

Everything for perfect tennis courts

Tennis demands the whole body. The harder and faster the court, the more important is its sports functional design in detail. Melos products support e.g. fast changes of direction, and protect the musculoskeletal system.

Melos provides components from A to Z.

Coloured EPDM granules can be installed in conjunction with a polyurethane bulk coating. In addition, loose and almost dust-free granules can be used as infill in a velour carpet.

Furthermore, Melos provides powerful acrylates for the realization of durable and all-weather hard court coating.

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No matter if you want to implement a tennis court outdoors or indoors: the system overview shows the different court types in direct comparison.

 Systems suitable for Tennis court

  • Laykold Masters 5 GT - Comfort of play thanks to sustainable elastic mat
  • Laykold Masters Gel - The cushion court system of renewable resources
  • Laykold ColorCoat - Cost-effective system
  • Laykold Advantage - For multi-sports surfaces
  • Laykold Masters Color - High abrasion resistance
  • Laykold - Masters 5 - Comfort of play
  • Laykold Masters 8 - Perfect sports functional

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