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Everything for modern multifunctional play areas

Multifunctional play areas and all-weather courts are more in demand than ever. For the highest sports functionality in terms of shock absorption and transmission as well as slip resistance, associations like the ASBA (American Sports Builders Association) recommend the use of EPDM granules.

Everything is possible with MELOS

Melos granules and polyurethanes are the first choice for sports grounds used all year. Depending on the requirements, the playing fields can be built seamlessly in one or two layers. It is also possible to add an additional elastic layer. 

The top layer contains coloured, high-quality UV and abrasion resistant EPDM granules mixed with highly resilient polyurethane. Melos always provides all relevant components from A to Z and furthermore, powerful acrylates for the realization of durable and all-weather hard court coating.

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No matter whether Melos EPDM granules or Laykold acrylate: Multifunctional playing fields satisfy highest demands. The system overview shows the differences in direct comparison.

 Systems suitable for Multipurpose Court

  • Spraycoat - Type A
  • Two Layer EPDM - Type B
  • One Layer EPDM - Type C
  • Laykold ColorCoat - Cost-effective system
  • Laykold Advantage - For multi-sports surfaces
  • Laykold Masters Color - High abrasion resistance
  • Laykold - Masters 5 - Comfort of play
  • Laykold Masters 8 - Perfect sports functional
  • Surfacing system

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