Melos GmbH

Melos GmbH

Bismarckstrasse 4-10
D-49324 Melle

AboutMelos GmbH

Melos GmbH, headquartered in Melle near Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, is one of the leading international manufacturers of coloured EPDM rubber granules. Products made by Melos are used particularly as component for running tracks in sports stadia, in fall protection surfaces for children's playgrounds, as infill granules on artificial turf as well as in non-slip flooring at swimming pools.

200 employees work at our Melle site. Warehouse, production, research laboratory, quality assurance and administration are located here, in premises covering an area of 48,000 m2. The reference portfolio presents national and international projects. These include, for example, the running track at the Berlin Olympic Stadium and the world's largest racecourse in Dubai.

The reference portfolio presents national and international projects. These include, for example, the fastest running track at the Berlin Olympic Stadium (current WR by Usain Bolt), world's largest horse-racing facility Meydan in Dubai and the 18km long EPDM-track in Katar which is the longest in the world.

As a leading manufacturer of coloured EPDM granules, Melos develops appropriate solutions for EPDM-based sport and leisure floorings. The innovative properties, versatility and flexibility of EPDM granules have convinced users worldwide. Constant EPDM properties are the reliable basis for highly efficient systems.

Therefore properties like elasticity, durability and weather resistance are constantly monitored and systematic innovations open up new fields of application.

Coloured EPDM granules from Melos are 100% dyed through and manufactured as virgin material. We only use the best pigments to create a range of 24 colours, which are complemented by a wide product spectrum of special colours.

When it comes to the production technology facet of Melos’s product line, it can be safely stated that only top-drawer and most innovative mechanisms are employed to generate products of superlative quality. A prime example of this is their state-of-the-art mixers for high throughput rates. In addition to bedding and cable compounds, they permit production of a large range of engineering compounds made from elastomer and polymer materials, filled or unfilled, thermoplastic or curable.

Melos also develops formulations for special compounds and master batches exactly as specified by the customer or operates as subcontractor to compound materials directly as formulated. Behind the conceptualisation of every new idea is the intention of fulfilling client-specific requirements and the dynamic needs of the industry.

Granules – general product groups

Modern athletic tracks made of polyurethane bonded EPDM granules provide optimal condition for professional and amateur sport. On multifunctional play area EPDM floors offer the optimal quality for basketball, volleyball, tennis, streetsoccer and various types of outdoor sports activities for very level of performance. On playgrounds the elastic granules ensure fall protective properties of the flooring while providing a huge variety of colours for creative surface design. In addition to colourful surfaces on playgrounds the good grip level of EPDM granules enhances non slip properties of anti-slip floor coverings. On artificial turf EPDM Infill granules create optimal sportfunctional properties.


Running tracks and multifunctional play area:

Tracks and multifunctional play area made with Melos components provide athletes with a solid basis for optimum performance, whether it in amateur or in professional sports.

Perfect conditions for clubs and athletes:

  • Optimum shock absorption
  • Perfect elasticity
  • Very good level of grip
  • Low wear combined with abrasion resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Constantly high quality characteristics
  • Colour-fast and stable

Fall protection and non-slip surfacing:

Flooring with shock absorbing properties should protect the health of children by avoiding serious injuries after a fall. These fall protection surfaces are build out of EPDM on the top layer and out of recycling granules in the elastic layer of the flooring system. The floorings provide protection through their high elasticity and powerful cushioning effect. Injuries due to falls are substantially reduced.

In addition to classical EPDM granules a new material shape is available only at Melos: EPDM Mulch is 100% coloured dyed through and convinces by its natural structures and colours.