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Our Global Sports Industry White papers enhance your business solutions as they discuss a wide range of complex issues and their ground-breaking solutions. Our Sports Industry White Papers can assist our potential clients to intensify customer experiences, increase revenue, accelerated time-to-market and achieve the scalability to meet their future business goals. You can understand and gain knowledge on industry’s new trends, solutions through our Latest White Papers in Sports.

FIFA Maintenance Research 2013

SMG Sportplatzmaschinenbau GmbH
FIFA have undertaken an assessment of the effects of different maintenance machines on Football Turf fields. A series of Football Turf Fields that have a similar usage were located in the Western part of France.


SMG Sportplatzmaschinenbau GmbH
With a history steeped in innovation, SMG continues to push the boundaries for development and improvement in the field of artificial turf maintenance.

The Next Generation of Portable Basketball Floors

Action Floor Systems LLC
The multiuse space concept is as old as man's first dedicated public spaces. Therefore, the idea of having a floor that can be picked-up and removed to accommodate another activity or event utilizing the same space isn't new, rather it is and has been a common thread in public space…

Indoor Hardwood Sport Surfacing - More To It than Meets the Eye

Action Floor Systems LLC
Many people around the world marvel at the beauty of a new hardwood sports floor, but few realize how much knowledge and engineering are required to provide visual beauty, to deliver performance and safety for the athletes, and to give the owner a long lasting quality surface. The type of…

Why do I have gaps in my wood gym floor every two or three feet?

Action Floor Systems LLC
This seems to be the one of the most common questions asked about gymnasium floors. These gaps are referred to as intermediate expansion spaces or washer rows. Wood flooring is a material that expands or contracts when moisture is absorbed into or evaporated from the flooring. These spaces allow the…

Intercom over IP The Communications Engineer‘s Guide to Integrate IP into Comms

Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG
Convergence is one of the biggest topics in multimedia applications. Moving from analog production to a fully integrated digital production environment was the task in the 90s.

Interfacing of Artist to Telex/RTS ADAM

Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG
The Riedel Artist system can be interfaced to the Telex/RTS ADAM system in a manner that provides both logically passive four wire conference group connections and active logic point to point connections with panel key tally In a typical interface situation a combination of conference line and point to point…