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Athletic track

Athletic track

Everything for modern athletic tracks

What do you expect from a running track? One thing is for sure: individual requirements are different. Melos products overcome any obstacle! They are the basis for athletic tracks that will ensure all sports functions properties, pay off economically, follow design ideas one-to-one, do not pollute the environment and effectively conserve the musculoskeletal system. Melos always provides all relevant components from A to Z.

The focus is on EPDM granules with high UV resistance.

Athletic tracks are built up in layers. The elastic base layer contains durable recycled granules. On top of it there is a layer of coloured EPDM granules. 

We implement 24 standard colours and any special colours with high-quality colour pigments. Polyurethane binders of the "Polycomp" brand round out our precisely coordinated product packages.

Our aim is to provide first-class running track systems.

Five different track types have prevailed over the years. The system overview shows the differences in direct comparison.

 Systems suitable for Athletic track

  • Spraycoat - Type A
  • Two Layer EPDM - Type B
  • One Layer EPDM - Type C
  • Sandwich - Type D
  • Full Pour System - Type E

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