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Jerry Richardson Stadium's $60 Million Expansion Approved

Jerry Richardson Stadium's $60 Million Expansion Approved



Jerry Richardson Stadium's $60 Million Expansion Approved


Charlotte, North Carolina


Jerry Richardson Stadium

Estimated Cost:

$60 Million



UNC Board of Governors approved a $60 million Phase 1 expansion of Jerry Richardson Stadium, marking a significant milestone in the University's ongoing efforts to enhance its athletic facilities, support student-athletes and elevate the fan experience.


Designed with future expansion in mind, the project builds upon the groundwork laid during the Advance Planning phase initiated in 2023. The expansion will feature the construction of a state-of-the-art tower and the augmentation of stadium capacity. Notable additions include seven luxury suites, club seats, loge boxes, ledge seats and additional general seating. Additionally, the club level will serve as a dedicated team dining area, meeting facility, and conference space, enabling year-round utilization.

With this initial phase, the stadium's capacity will increase to 18,170, laying the foundation for future growth. Plans are already in motion for further expansion (Phase 2) to a capacity of 21,000 as additional funds are secured. This phased approach enables Charlotte Athletics to proceed promptly with the project, maintaining momentum while fundraising continues for subsequent phases.

The enhanced facilities will attract opponents with regional and national fan bases and position the University to host competitions that drive visitor traffic and economic impact.