SMG Sportplatzmaschinenbau GmbH

SMG Sportplatzmaschinenbau GmbH

Robert Bosch Str 3, D 89269 Vöhringen, Germany

Certified Used Machines

Certified Used Machines

SMG has been synonymous within the Sports industry. Our transparency in dealing with the development of modern machinery, continuous efforts to offer preeminent quality machines have strengthened our position in the global market.

We are proud to announce that our company is providing an excellent way to seize the opportunity of ‘Second Hand Machines’ through our new service feature ‘Certified Used Machine’ program.

Through this program, we offer superior quality machines to our clientele after checking the quality of the machines on certain parameters such as efficiency, utility, working hours of machines and their functional life. ‘Certified Used Machine’ program includes maintaining the quality standards and machine’s compliance to stringent delivery timelines as well.

Benefits of buying our Second Hand Machines:

1) Second HandMachines will be cheaper than the new ones.
2) Our machines will have guarantee period of 12 months.
3) Second Hand Machines of SMG will have specially made badge.
4) High Quality

Certified Used Machine’ program comprises of the following service aspects:

a) Extensive test run
b) Replacement of all stickers and writings, if needed
c) Renewal of the paint, if needed
d) Replacement of all wear and spare parts
e) Replacement of all hydraulic hoses, if needed
f) Replacement of all liquids (Engine oil, coolant etc)

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