Erika Robredo
About: Erika Robredo - Business Development Manager

We have always aimed our effort and work at achieving a differentiation from the regular existing solutions available on the market.

1. Can you speak something about your innovations since your inception and what drives you?

From the very beginning, when we started manufacturing seats, in 1994, we have always aimed our effort and work at achieving a differentiation from the regular existing solutions available on the market. This has been possible by developing seats which combine concepts such as the spectators’ comfort, the durability in all possible market sectors and situations, and the design, thus contributing to the beauty and exclusiveness of every project.


2. From the features point of view, how Euro Seating International differentiate itself from others?

We are currently leaders in the global market because of quality, design, technology, innovation and competitiveness, being thus present already in more than 120 countries.

In addition, I would like to highlight some points that make the difference between us and the competitors:

- Our production facilities, more than 40.000 sqm, located in Ezcaray (La Rioja, Spain), where we carry out the 100% of the manufacturing process of our seats.

- We have our own technical department and office for Design, R & D and Innovation

- The replacement of steel components by high-quality and resistant technical plastics contributes to give special properties to the seats, thus making them stronger than steel.

- Own wood technology center focused on the production of wood seats. We have got sound experience in the development of a wide range of seats in top-quality fine wood finishes.

- We manufacture our seats by strictly respecting the environment in all manufacturing processes. These production methods imply a strategic added value and a strong commitment to eco-sustainable development.

3. Your company provides a range of seating arrangements for cinemas, theaters, and auditoriums. Which one is your ‘Best Seller’?

We have a wide variety of seats for cinemas, stadiums, theatres, auditoriums etc. However, we are focussing on growing in the stadiums market. As a matter of fact, during the last years, we have developed many new products custom-designed for this sector and we will continue to do so. One of our stadium projects of reference is U Arena in Paris where we installed 26.000 seats in 2017. The stadium seats selected were our ES 500 PAD, ES 500 TT, and ES 700 TT.

On the other hand, we are very introduced in the cinema market. We have so many references around the world but I would like to mention Astor Grand Cinema, a luxury cinema in Hannover, Germany. The cinema seats selected were our Prince and Viena.

4. Kindly, explain the factors of consideration and precautions that go into the manufacture of lecture halls, auditorium, cultural centers etc.

This is not an easy sector, you need to have the knowledge, the means and the power to compete.

5. Could you enlighten us regarding your future ventures and products which are still in the formative stages?

At Euro Seating we consider necessary to reinvest constantly in R & D and innovation so our seats are always in the forefront of all the market sectors: auditorium and Congress, sports projects, theatre, cinema, worship, etc. For that reason and as I have already mentioned, we are developing new products for stadium and cinema markets. We will present them throughout this year.

6.  What specific challenges do you foresee for the sporting events/venues sector?

We are facing challenges every day: changes in demand and consumer preferences, special requirements, competence etc. You need to keep alert and know how to adapt the company to the changing industry. Your ability to meet those challenges and work through them will determine your success or failure.

7. Who do you consider your direct competitors globally?

Depending on the geographic location and the market we face some competitors or others. As I have said, we are in several markets and each one is different.