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Key Services: Synthtic Turf, Plastic Coating, Natural Grass & Soccer Halls

Stephan & Dietmar Bonasch  GmbH
Stephan & Dietmar Bonasch  GmbH

Plastic Coating

Ernst Bonasch, the company's founder, collected already in the early 50s, as a freelance construction worker in a large construction company in neighboring Switzerland, experience in construction of tennis and sports facilities. This company already had at that time already an area which had specialized in the construction of tennis and sports facilities.

He founded in 1955 the Ernst Bonasch & Söhne GbR and built from that point, as the protagonist in Baden-Württemberg, the first tennis and sports facilities.

Due to the rapidly growing size of the company Ernst & Söhne GbR was Bonasch, construction of modern sports facilities renamed the Bonasch GmbH and continued by his sons Werner and Klaus Bonasch in 1976th

The company Bonasch GmbH has now been announced by the construction of stadium and school sports facilities, with special plastic coverings, far beyond Baden-Württemberg also called the "sports facility BAUER".

In 2004, the company was handed over again to the sons Stephan & Dietmar Bonasch, the current managing partner of the company Stephan & Dietmar Bonasch GmbH, Sports + services, Engineering.

Today, you as a customer, an ultra-modern plant and machinery park, and more than 25 professionals in all matters relating to your sports facility available.

Our motto is "sports facility with experience and know-how" and this is already in the 3rd generation.

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