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Sport Concept

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Sport concept aims sustainable, "around the clock" to-use sports venues to create that are favorable to finance and operate permanently efficiently and successfully.

Sport concept is a company devoted exclusively to sports venues and related buildings and structures.

Sport concept brings together the expertise of sports organizations with the expertise of successful companies and provides for all construction, conversion and expansion of sports facilities necessary services by experts under one roof.

Sport concept advises sports federations, sports clubs, local authorities and companies in all aspects of sports facility development from analysis through to operation.

Sport concept shown together with its partners ways and solutions, as, given the special social and demographic developments, in particular the sports clubs and sports organizations to meet the challenges of the future.

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Sport Concept
Vogelrainstra├če 25
70199 Stuttgart
Tel: 711 664815-90
URL: www.sportconcept-stuttgart.de

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