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Ingenieurbüro IEM AG

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Metrology, Operational Optimization & Dynamic Simulation

Ingenieurbüro IEM AG
Ingenieurbüro IEM AG


IEM AG measures by mobile measuring instruments flow rates (water, steam), volume flows (air), electric peak load, electrical load, luminous intensity, heat, amounts, temperatures, humidity, pressure, and noise events. We install the measurements, perform measurements and evaluate the measurements and interpret the results. The measurements also form the basis for many expertises.

Our thermographic camera we produce thermal images of building shells (inside and outside), check its compounds in electrical distribution box, check the transformer and high-voltage lines or looking for leaks in hot water pipes. (Underfloor heating, hot water pipes).

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Ingenieurbüro IEM AG
Uttigenstrasse 49,
3600 Thun,
Tel: 033 227 40 20
URL: www.iem.ch

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