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Gotthilf Benz Turngerätefabrik GmbH + Co KG

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Referee Equipment, Gymnastics Equipment & Balls

Gotthilf Benz Turngerätefabrik GmbH + Co KG
Gotthilf Benz Turngerätefabrik GmbH + Co KG

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The Gotthilf BENZ Turngerätefabrik GmbH + Co. KG is one of the leading German manufacturers of gymnastic and sports equipment worldwide, with headquarters in Baden-Württemberg Winnenden and a subsidiary in Austria. , The family business was founded in 1907, and now leads for over three generations in Winnenden the full range of gymnastic equipment, gymnastic equipment gymnastic and sporting mats, children gymnastics equipment, therapy equipment, ballet accessories, equipment cabinets, cloakroom benches, all floor, wall and built-in appliances, gates and other football, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton accessories, table tennis facilities, all equipment for athletics as high jump and pole vault mats and -Equipment, Hammerwurf-, Speerwurf- and hurdle equipment, stainless steel equipment for the swimming pool construction as jumping and starting systems, entry stairs, guardrails and swimming pool accessories, hub and input equipment, mats and small appliances for wrestling, judo and boxing, fitness and power sports equipment and playground equipment.

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Gotthilf Benz Turngerätefabrik GmbH + Co KG
Grüningerstr. 1-3
D-71364 Winnenden
Tel: 07195/69 05-0
URL: www.benz-sport.de

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