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Eurotramp Trampoline

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Eurotramp Trampoline
Eurotramp Trampoline

Fitness Trampolines

Eurotramp product combines decades of experience with modern technology and innovative ideas. Instead of only trusting in past values, the Eurotramp engineers are developing new ideas and possibilities to continuously increase the quality standard of our trampolines every day. The use of especially high quality steel as well as the currently most recent welding procedure makes it possible for a Eurotramp trampoline to be more lightweight without losses in stability. The loss of weight makes handling for trainers and athletes even more easy.

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Eurotramp Trampoline
Zeller Str. 17/1
73235 Weilheim an der Teck
Tel: +49 (0) 70 23 - 94 95 0
URL: www.eurotramp.com

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