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Erhard Sport International GmbH
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On August 24, 1880 Leonhard Erhard founds in Rothenburg ob der Tauber in the Rosengasse a decoration and wallpaper store with saddlery. In the following period gradually several neighboring properties acquired from small farms to be the ongoing development of the company can meet.

The development of the company makes another extension of the area required. Once there is no acceptable way at the site, the production moves to the industrial area of the nearby town of Burgbernheim, where on a 40,000 m 2 of land, a new plant with a production area of 10,000 m 2 is produced, and in the sports equipment made ??of metal, wood, plastic leather are manufactured under powerful conditions and optimized process flows. 2003 | The manufacturing site Burgbernheim is a warehouse and dispatch hall with 1,000 m 2. expanded, is also a training and information center (Erhard Sport Studio) housed ERHARD SPORT INTERNATIONAL belongs more than 200 employees to the major manufacturers and shippers of sports products with more than 12,000 products for many areas. Branches in the northwest and east of Germany, Hungary and France provide the necessary proximity to the customer. These supporting partners in many countries the distribution of ERHARD quality products.

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Erhard Sport International GmbH
Erhard Sport International GmbH
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