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Floor Zone, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, has experienced extraordinary growth with the constant efforts of being one step ahead in anticipating the constantly changing needs of the market. Floor Zone has impeccable product quality and provides turnkey solutions to suit every need in the areas of commercial, residential and hospitality application.


The company quality policy is to "continually strive to build business through customer confidence and long term relationships" emphasizing the customer centric and foresighted approach.


Acrylic System

Floor Zone brings forth a range of acrylic systems, hard as well as cushioned, for outdoor & indoor sports applications. The products conform to the highest sports standards & performance, keeping in mind the requirements of both amateur as well as professional sports people. Floor Zone systems are durable, seamless, low on maintenance & come with a range of attractive color options.

Floor Zone's acrylic system is suitable for sports such as basketball, futsal, volleyball, badminton, handball, karate, children playground, gymnastics, boxing, aerobic etc.

Synthetic Grass

Floor Zone supplies synthetic grass for soccer fields, tennis, golf & multi-sport areas. Synthetic grass is specifically developed for top-class performances. The most stringent quality criteria are met by Floor Zone's synthetic grass. Synthetic grass provides optimum playing comfort and maximum safety for players.

Floor Zone Synthetic grass needs low maintenance is highly durable even under intensive use. Players and owners of such facilities will benefit from the outstanding playing conditions offered by the company's synthetic grass.

The synthetic turf for soccer conforms to FIFA standards.

Modul Court

Floor Zone's modul court is a revolutionary suspended flooring system designed for ultimate performance. Modul court is made of high impact polypropylene co-polymer. Light weight design of this modul court makes it very easy to transport. A level surface is required to install the modul court. The bright and attractive colours of modul court make a good impression on the spectator. Modul court provides players a comfortable and safe surface to play. The owner has the option to re-locate the modul court or use it for temporary events. Modul court suits all kind of sports like Basketball, Badminton, Futsal, and Volleyball. Modul court can also be used for play areas and dance floors which provide a safe and anti-slip floor.

Heterogeneous PVC Floorings

Floor zone's heterogeneous PVC floorings from graboplast have innovative characteristics. The CLP system is used to create heterogeneous PVC floorings. Unique advantages of the heterogeneous PVC floorings are available for the clients from technical point. Floor zone's heterogeneous PVC floorings is a cross linked polymer in the wear layer. This helps in easy maintenance of the heterogeneous PVC floorings. There is high wear resistance in heterogeneous PVC floorings. It is easy and fast to install heterogeneous PVC floorings. There are no gaps in the heterogeneous PVC floorings due glass fibre reinforcement. It is highly flexible. Heterogeneous PVC floorings are environment friendly.

Rubber Flooring Systems

Floor Zone has a whole range of innovative rubber flooring systems for indoor & outdoor applications. Rubber flooring systems are suitable gyms, walkways, children's play areas, gold facilities, tennis, basketball, volleyball as well as multi-sport applications. The company ensures premium quality rubber flooring systems tailor made for any kind of sports application. The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance are key features of these rubber flooring systems. The rubber floor systems are certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and other recognized sports authorities. The SW14 system was installed at the 2004 Athens Olympics & most recently at the 2009 East Asian Games at Hong Kong. Floor Zone makes sure that all its products are internationally acceptable for every kind of application.

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