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Yücel Garden Furniture Co. manufactures superior quality plastic injection furniture for resorts, motels, hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, houses, villas, aqua parks, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and similar locations. The company has a product range of 33 models with a machinery park consisting more than six advanced injection machines.

Plastic Stadium Seats

Yücel has been manufacturing superior quality plastic stadium seats from the last two years. Extensive research and development has gone into producing the company’s excellent range of stadium seats. The company has prepared a special range of five stadium seats, suitable for all types of seating area. The stadium seats are manufactured from polypropylene keeping it safe from cracks and tear. These stadium seats are flame retardant and tested with 400 Kg weight.

Folding Stadium Seats

Folding stadium seats from the company are manufactured without any metal part or connector. These folding stadium seats are designed to close by its own weight rather by any system. Yücel manufactured folding stadium seats can be easily fixed with screws and bolts. Some of the features of folding stadium seats are:

  • It has UV for sunshine.
  • Anti Static to prevent dust and dirt.
  • FR for flame retardant.
  • Anti oxidant for long term usage and no fade.

Folding stadium seats can be customized in bi-colours. Polypropylene is the material used to produce folding stadium seats. They are also protected against cracks and tear.

Stadium Seat without Backrest

Yücel manufactures stadium seat without backrest as well. Stadium seat without backrest are manufactured using superior quality polypropylene. The stadium seats without backrest are designed ergonomically. There are two holes in the stadium seat without backrest to fix it to the ground with 10 mm screws and two pieces of bolts. The design of stadium seat without backrest does not allow water stagnation.

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