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Pakar Seating is internationally renowned for its Permanent and Temporary Grandstand designs With more than 20 years’ experience in stadium seating for sports industry, Pakar is committed to deliver great value products with superior quality to his clients. Pakar ensures a complete and successful implementation of every Pakar Grandstand Systems while delivering cost-effective solutions which complies with international standards. Our extensive experience in the European, Asian, American and African markets enables us to provide our clients with the best Grandstand Design solutions.

Pakar Seating manufacture Temporary Grandstands, Mobile Grandstands, Portable Grandstands, Stadium Grandstands, stadium roofing and temporary staircase,  Stadium Seats and Mobile Stadium Pakar has the reputation of being a part of many high profile International Sporting Stadium Events such as:

  • AUSTRALIA - Melbourne - F1 GP - 10,000 seats
  • AUSTRALIA -MOTO GP - 8,000 seats
  • INDIA - Buddh International Circuit - F1 GP - 43,000 seats with 18000 Covered seats
  • INDIA - Commonwealth Games - 1,600 seats
  • IRELAND - Dublin - Bavaria City Racing - 5,300 seats
  • JORDAN - Festival - 4,000 seats
  • LEBANON -Byblos Festival - 4,600 seats
  • LEBANON - Bisteddine Festival - 3,400 seats
  • QATAR – National Day Parade – 12,000 seats
  • RUSSIA -Moscow Raceway - 26,700 seats
  • SINGAPORE - F1 GP - 8,000 seats
  • SINGAPORE - National Day Parade - 29,900 seats
  • SWEDEN - Volvo Race Arena - 10,500 seats

These references are based on solid engineering for comprehensive, cost-effective solutions on years of commitment and innovation. Sensitivity to other cultures and market has resulted in many years of successful business worldwide.

The design of grandstand will start only after considering all the factors that affect the event:

  • Location of spectators, capacity, sight-lines, entrance and exit position
  • Access considerations such as: Stairs, Vomitories, Transverse Aisles, Ramps and facilities for disabled people.
  • Bench, Flat seat, Bucket seat, Tip-Up seat, VIP seat are some of the products that we manufacture to supply and help you select according your budgetary plans.

Our team of designers will work with you to achieve the highest level of safety, comfort, aesthetics and usability that perfectly fits your needs. Pakar Seating’s design office is located in Malaysia. Manufacturing facility is located in China with quality control headed by French engineers.





Permanent Grandstands

PAKAR Grandstand is extremely versatile in functionality, and therefore, can be installed either as a PERMANENT or REMOVABLE Grandstand. It can be displaced and re-installed at any location quickly and easily. The system of frames is pre-assembled with an interlocking system, ties, braces, beams and deck units that lock together helping quick assembly. Our Grandstand can be installed on any type of surface i.e. concrete, grass and sand (Desert). It can be installed on a slope depending on soil condition. Our system can be used both outdoors and indoors. For Outdoor use, it can be equipped with a roof system (Complete roofing or Semi-roofing).

The Pakar Grandstand can be equipped with The Pakar Roof

Pakar Seating’s Grandstand roofing system includes a Load-Bearing steel structure covered with a PVDF coated polyester fabric. Our Pakar Roofing solution is safe, Light-weight, easy to install and is as reliable as a Permanent construction.


Pakar Stairs System

The Pakar Stairs System

The Pakar Stairs System is highly versatile and can be used as:

  • Access to Grandstands
  • Access to Stages and Platforms
  • Access to Double or Triple Storey Structure
  • Access to Pedestrian Bridge
  • Temporary Public Access to any existing building

The Pakar Stairs system is in conformity with the latest regulations for public areas i.e., ive load up to 7.5kN/m2 and Guardrails supporting loads up to 2kN/m. Width: 1.50m, 2.00m or 2.50m Step riser: 166mm. The Pakar Stairs Solution relies on a Ring-Lock scaffolding system and can be adapted to other type of scaffolding as Cuplock, Kwickstage etc.

Types of Pakar Seats

  • Tip-up seat
  • Bucket seat
  • Flat seat
  • Plastic bench


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