Company : Kaba Gallenschütz

Category : Security, Crowd and Access Control

Key Products : Tripod Barriers, Sensor barriers

Founded in 1950, Kaba Gallenschütz has been developing, manufacturing and selling automatic physical access systems for over 30 years. As a leading supplier in this marketplace, the company manufactures tripod barriers, turnstiles, personal interlock systems and revolving doors. All units are equipped with an intelligent drive that can be connected to an electronic access control system. For access to sports and cultural events, Kaba provides easy-to-use access control units that can be connected to any ticket verification system. Kaba Gallenschütz with its more than 300 employees from 15 different nations has been part of the international Kaba Group since 1990, a pioneer in security technology worldwide.

Tripod Barriers

TPB-E01 tripod barriers combined with any type of ticket reader. The release is activated when a valid ticket or season ticket is introduced into the reader. The crossbar can then be turned and moves automatically to the next position, immediately allowing for the next release. Motor-driven versions feature fold-down function with a patented automatic reset. In an emergency the upper bar folds down automatically to leave the way free. The unit automatically resets when it is powered up again, which means staff do not have to manually reconfigure each barrier when the emergency is over.

Sensor barriers & Half-height turnstiles

Whether board members, corporate sponsors or famous visitors, special guests are treated with preference by every club. Many stadia have comfortable and elegant VIP areas at their disposal. What kind of access control units are most suitable for these areas in order to make entry as comfortable and efficient as possible? Half-height turnstiles and sensor barriers interfaced with card readers provide an elegant and stylish solution for admission to VIP areas. Their transparent design, easy access and their smooth and silent motion together make them an ideal solution for these areas.

Full-height turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles provide the necessary level of security and robustness. Our most recent generation of turnstiles, the FTS-L02 line, has been specially developed to meet the requirements of sports stadia. Featuring a special column as well as side panels which double as motor-driven shutters. Another effective solution is the FTS-L01 full-height turnstile, also developed for large venues. As a double unit, it is particularly space-saving thanks to its interlocking turnstile columns. A total of eleven cross bars guarantee single-file access, even when there is little staff support. Ticket readers are usually placed in the housing.

Revolving doors

Modern stadiums frequently form the core of a large sports and leisure complex. Facilities may include fan shops, press centres, offices, gyms and other business or leisure units. Many of these facilities are equipped with automatic doors. Revolving doors are a safe and easy-to-use solution. They allow for a smooth flow of people even at the busiest of times. In terms of design, functionality and technology, revolving satisfy even the toughest demands set by architects and stadium operators.

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