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Jupiter Sports

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AboutJupiter Sports

Established in 1978, Jupiter Sports has been a pivotal force In the realm of manufacturing and exporting superior sports hardwood and sports flooring systems. These are delivered to both commercial as well as residential sectors. They are applicable to a number of targeted infrastructures like hotels, museums, department stores, boutiques, restaurants, art centers, sports centers, gyms, recreation centers, stadiums, health clubs, squash courts, hotel club rooms, athletic facilities, Olympics. In addition to this, Jupiter Sports also caters to military bases.


The products generated by Jupiter Sports come in a variegated range of wood species such as red oak, white oak, maple, birch, beech, cherry, walnut as well as ash. These are deployed across a wide array of 300 wooden designs.



Qualitative testing and assessment play a paramount role for Jupiter Sports; hence they are evaluated for security, endurance as well as execution. Sagacious quality analysts proffer their expertise in deeming the surfaces capable, safe and performance-oriented throughout the production procedure. The meticulous work of these analysts is corroborated by Jupiter Sports’ embellished clientele portfolio.



Their flooring systems are versatile in their usage as they can be employed for both “indoor” as well as “outdoor” performance. The indoor flooring comes endowed with a particular cushion system, which facilitates a multitude of activities, thereby, rendering it multipurpose.



Mobility is also a factor that is taken into consideration, when it comes to Jupiter Sports’ flooring systems. They are available in either permanent “floating” surfaces or mobile and portable floor designs. These can be laid, painted on or merely assembled as per the client’s convenience and requirement.



A wholesome and comprehensive assortment of services can also be clubbed together for the customer’s dynamic or specific needs in the form of a complete gymnasium package which includes the facilitation of squash/racquetball courts, basketball backstops, volleyball-badminton, scoreboards, gym floor protection covers, divider curtains and any other auxiliary requirements.



Over the last few decades, Jupiter Sports has methodically erected a renowned foundation by the means of its contemporary designs and innovative tools as well as techniques which result in the superlative quality of their products.



A key component contributing to their success is Jupiter Sports’ personnel and professional team of designers as well as other workforce. Their individual acumen is cumulated into a collaborative effort all through the series of stags involved in the production, which delivers qualitative and unparalleled products as well as solutions. We have a team of professionals and designers who are best in their respective work.



When it comes to Sports Venue technology, including the burgeoning requirements of this industrial sector, Jupiter Sports caters to them without a hitch. They have established the status of being one of the most significant and trusted suppliers of Indoor and Outdoor Sports Surfaces. These services and solutions exhibit a fortified strength against numerous climactic changes or harsh conditions.



The product portfolio of Jupiter Sports comprises of two broad categories :



Air-Cush Wooden Flooring (Indoor)



This is deployed across venues and infrastructures like Squash Court, Badminton Court, Multipurpose Hall, Basketball Court, Aerobic Hall and Gym Flooring.



Synthetic Flooring (Outdoor)



This kind of flooring proves to be ideal for surfaces used in a Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court and Badminton Court.



Synthetic Courts are appreciated for their cost-effectiveness and long-term endurance along with being versatile in terms of usage. Their other features include:



  • True bounce & ball response qualities
  • Suitable for both cement and asphalt surfaces
  • Speed variation from fast to slow
  • Excellent grip in all weather conditions
  • Available in different non-glare stable colors
  • Tennis Australia, ATP Tour, ATF & ITF Classification
  • No wear patches in heavy play areas
  • Reduces fatigue of muscles
  • Recoat able & repairable



The wooden flooring systems project their own set of key features that clearly demarcate them from other counterparts in the market:



  • Use of EPDM rubber air- cush pads
  • Tightly interlocked Tongue and Groove System
  • Exclusive use of Bona Polish, which is anti-skid and DIN approved
  • Polyurethane lacquer at the bottom side of surface board to prevent moisture gains
  • Internationally approved and technically sound laying system
  • Safe and injury free playing surface



Some of the most prolific and popular products of Jupiter Sports are listed below: