Company : Jupiter Sports

Category : Sports Flooring

Squash Court

Jupiter Sports installs meritorious transparent squash court back walls that meet the stringent specifications of the Squash court for both two & four panel back wall systems. In addition, the Toughened Safety Glass meets the performance requirements of all national building regulations, based on test requirements of local authorities. These toughened Glass Squash court back walls allow spectators a clear view of the game with complete safety & provide a more open club design for players.

Jupiter cement based hard plaster system confirming the requirement of WSF (World Squash Federation) Consisting of Base Coat of a total thickness of app. 15 mm & coated with imported washable paint system, due to the extremely hard nature of the plaster a sight uneven color distribution & micro porous surface checks may be seen once the plaster has dried. This does not affect strength or the integrity of the plaster & is not to be considered as defect. The dimensions of the court are 9750 X 6400 mm between plaster faces. The walls can be in proper plumb, level as well as at right angles. In order to bring the court to the required dimensions the walls should provide for a plaster thickness of app. 15 mm on each wall.

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