Company : Jupiter Sports

Category : Sports Flooring

Badminton Court

The free floating resilient wooden sports flooring system designed for, Badminton Halls made of Indian and imported timbers. The system ensures that there is no impact on the knees, feet, shins and ankles. A number of medical studies on athletes, both in India and internationally have revealed that surface elastic flooring induces a far smaller number of sports related injuries. This type of floor construction is also results in consistent resilient throughout the court area. Using timber that is kiln seasoned and anti-termite treated the surface boards are machined to a special tongue and grooved design for concealed screwing and non-skid polyurethane lacquer finish.

The unique design of these courts instills the authoritative re-engineering of the enterprise data for cross-unit products as well as energetic reinterring of the mediate seamless e-markets before granular process improvements. All of this is attained while bearing cost and affordability in mind.

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