Sports Stadium Padding

During 1940’s stadium wall pads were introduced and even today the same concept is being followed for handling high impacts between a player and the stadium wall. The stadium wall pads have virtually stayed the same for over 25 years, but today the player’s strength, speed, athleticism and compensation has entered into a new era, those demands variation or up gradation in quality and technicality of the stadium padding. No matter what level of play or what sport, an investment has been made and that investment should be protected and as we enter into this new era of sports, the products that protect the players along with the overall protection of the team investments must also change.

Padding in the sport venues is one of the important safety aspects and also enhances the infrastructure layout. Sports stadium padding is a finishing step in completion of a stadium’s infrastructure. Irrespective of out door or in door padding, the requirement of sports stadium padding has the same importance. By padding the stadium walls and fences the players are protected when they're catching balls on the fly. Padding can be completely enclosed with vinyl coverings of various grades or custom designed with a wood backing. A wide variety of colors and print designs in vinyl have come into available to make the stadium ambience more interesting and for improved interiors.

The major materials involved in sports stadium padding are foams or foam fillers, vinyl, connection systems that are durable with UV ratings and special material warranties against physical damage. Foam provides cushioning against high-impact tackles and reception attempts in the end zone. While, the vinyl covering can be determined with respect to the kind of sport, like the quality requirements and color preferences. Few materials involved infield padding and outfield padding differs from each other. How ever, the purpose of the padding as a whole is the safety of the players, and spectators, along with the stadium infrastructure management.

Outdoor Padding is for the safety of players and the environment. In this process outdoor padding solutions can pad the stadium walls and fences for players protection during the play.

Backstop Padding purpose is to attach it to fence to reduce bounce-back and protect the catcher or player.

Stadium Goal Post Padding adds a safe solution to football fields where there is potential for dangerous injuries.

Sports Venue Padding provides custom stadium padding solutions and protective padding solutions. These custom stadium protective padding solutions are recognized for high performance, durable, custom padding solutions with digitally printed advertising etc that increase the sportsman’s and community spirit.

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Copper State Sports manufactures the stadium padding and introduced innovative solutions in this area. A new patent pending Inter/Lok Padding system is introduced by Copper State Sports that takes the player safety to next level and high priority. The patent pending Inter/Loki is a two-stage foam series wall pad that will heighten player safety at all levels of sports and its unique design can hardly be compared or measured to anything that is currently offered on the market. With the distinguished overlapping design and additional two stage foam option (up to six inches thick) will increase the player protection from injury during high impact crashes with the wall. The patent pending Inter/Lok Pad can be used on the outfield wall, foul line, gates or dugouts. With this pad the player protection is consistent like no other.

Player protection is a prime important purpose of padding equipment and systems. However, particular attention is paid to design and construction of stadium padding equipment because of high wear areas, seams and grommets which reinforced to withstand stress and impact during the usage and also as part of the stadium interior.

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