Antimicrobial Treatment and Use of Nanotechnology in Sports Equipment

Everyone has encountered the dreaded odour of well-used sporting equipment. Whether it’s a cricket bag or grouses or helmets that smell up to the bow of the car from the back or a mat that has witnessed a few dozen sweaty hot yoga practices, sweat can stimulate the growth of bacteria in the equipment. This leads to sickening and embarrassing odors and results decolorized.

Protecting all surfaces of your fabric and textiles with an antimicrobial treatment is significant for securing the lifetime worth of your product. Microban is an innovative technology used in antimicrobial treatment for textiles and fabrics has shown effective to increase product freshness and resist unpleasant odors, particularly for footwear and uniforms.

With an antimicrobial treatment, your outcomes stay fresher and cleaner for long lasting for your product value.

Advantages of Microbial treatment in sports equipment

•    Long lasting antimicrobial protection barrier for all athletic gear and sporting goods.
•    It  is safe, non-toxic and environmental-friendly technology with effective protection about 30-90 days.
•    Products operated with antimicrobial technology stays cleaner, longer resulting in a less frequent need to wash it. If your towel cleaned for a longer period of time, you don’t have to wash it as often.
•    Increased product lifespan
•    Stain protection
•    Odour-control
•    Ultra fresh performance

Nanotechnology in sports equipment

Within the niche of sports equipment, nanotechnology offers a number of advantages and absolute potential capability to enhance sporting equipment ensuring athletes safety, convenient and more agile. Baseball bats, cricket bats, tennis and badminton racquets, hockey sticks, racing bicycles, golf balls, skis, archery arrows, etc. are some of the sporting equipment, whose performance and stability are developed with the help of nanotechnology. Nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, silica nanoparticles, nanoclays fullerenes, etc. are being organised into various sports equipment to improve the performance of athletes. Each of these Nanomaterials is liable for an added benefit such as high strength and stiffness, stability, decreased weight, abrasion resistance, etc. in sporting equipment. Sports clothing, various sports kits, have also served from nanotechnology those smelly socks increase fungi and bacteria. Silver has inherent antibacterial and antifungal qualities, coated as silver Nanoparticles along with the fibre in the cloth. The Nanoparticle emerges with the cotton, nylon or plastic fibre used to formulate the kit or various sports equipment. Adding other elements such as titanium could see oil repellent, waterproof, anti-odour and anti-stain materials making their way into sports clothing and equipment.

Types of Nanoparticles

Silver Nanoparticles:

Silver nanoparticles summed to apparel for their powerful energy to kill bacteria and fungi and to prevent the foul smells they cause. Nanosilver particles release positively charged ions that kill bacterial cells. The particles make the garment stays soft and wearable.

Silica Nanoparticles:

Nanoparticles of silica combined into the weave of a fabric or sprinkled onto its surface create a coating that resists water and stain-producing solutions. The angle and hardness of the silica coating produce enough surface pressure to ensure that flows from and roll off the fabric rather than soaking into it.

Titanium or Zinc oxide Nanoparticles:

Ever sunburnt your skin through your T-shirt? Nanoparticles of titanium or zinc oxide are combined into textiles to protect your garments and your skin from damage. These particles spread the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight and effectively nanoparticles lower the harm.

Antistatic particles:

Fabrics, especially like synthetics such as polyester and nylon tend to gather latent. Whisk a top over your head and your hair stands on end. But nanoparticles that transfer electricity, such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and antimony-doped tin oxide can help disperse without making your hair feel charged.

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