Modern Technologies in Sports Venue

What does a sports enthusiast think to do, watch their favourite player playing live in a sports venue? Yes, the live experience remains the mast of the sport, stadium operators constantly improving the technology developing all the time, new ways are invariably rising to increase the in-venue experience for fans. From efficient underground transit systems to smart flooring, innovative and revolutionary technologies could one day become familiar features of the game day experience.


The latest ticketing technology involves in recognition of the face, for example, there are no physical tickets just a reference number with a payment providing photo ID, where you receive a small sms of seat confirmation. Resale of the ticket is not possible. Where a customer can only be cancelled and refunded according to the terms and conditions before the performance. Secondary ticket market is an increasingly productive sector, with touts using computer software to buy bulk tickets and then sell them at a highly inflated price. The below mentioned are the solutions to stop the secondary ticketing market.

The top ticketing solutions in the world

•    Showpass
•    Esenio
•    Eventbrite
•    Ticketbase
•    Secutix
•    Book my show
•    Mera Events
•    Ticket source
•    Universe
•    Mobile ticketing


Security for the big games tends to involve long-range planning by a wide array of agencies working together to provide the safest possible environment for players, coaches, fans, and others. With tens of thousands of fans gathering together in the same place, sports avenues have always treated a security risk.

Operatives of Protexx have great knowledge working in the specific field of protection and safety planning. The approach of each game is unique and accordingly requires a unique solution. Experience in this field continues to Indian Premier League, Soccer World Cup, Cricket world cup, Hollywood events and awards ceremonies, Fashion shows, Music tours to name but a few. Recent events of the past such as the attacks on the Sri-Lankan cricket team in Pakistan, Random bombings and threats on high profile events have led to the increased focus on a security plan to be implemented.

Qylur Security’s Qylatron Entry Experience Solution, an advanced version of the kind of scanners typically found at airport border controls.

The device looks like a honeycomb collection of five scanning pods, into which each attendee at an event will place their bags, and which can detect dangerous objects and explosives in a matter of seconds. The device dramatically speeds up the process when compared with a manual search, which requires every individual entering the stadium to have their belongings examined by a security operative.

Autonomous drones

With applications across the utilities, construction and transportation industries, Perceptron's autonomous drones are utilised to secure, maintain and inspect large-scale sites. Designed to work in extreme weather conditions, the drones allow aerial monitoring of border fences, routine data collection and access to hard-to-reach and dangerous locations.

Drones are classified based on weight, size, payload/range.

Secure communications

LISNR is an advanced, near-ultrasonic, ultra-low power data transmission technology that enables fast, reliable and secure communication between devices via any speaker or microphone. Working as a secure local proxy for data transmission, the technology eliminates the need for complicated, costly and power-consuming RF (radio frequency).

Smart flooring

Smart flooring allows venue operators to produce electricity, understand consumer behaviour and reward loyalty. One solution designed by Pavegen is arranged with electromagnetic generators that generate up to four joules of electrical power per step - energy that can be used to power on-demand lighting, as well as interactive messages, advertisements and signage. To date, Pavegen has been used in over 150 projects across various sectors, including railroad stations, shopping centers, airports and public spaces.

Cashless payments

Cashless payment facilities are becoming standard as more operators roll out ‘card-only’ passages and self-service checkouts. Research suggests that non-cash payment methods help reduce service times, increase normal client spend per visit, and reduce the risk of fraud or theft. Technology is now moving further.

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