Yansn Co. Ltd.

Yansn Co. Ltd.

No.66 Industrial 20th Rd
Taiping city
Taichung county 411

AboutYansn Co. Ltd.

Yansn Co. Ltd has been manufacturing professional sports and non-apparel sewn products since 1975. The company specializes in various non-apparel sewn products, hot-pressed foam products, plastic-coated foam, related to sports and fitness. Other products by the company are various portable yoga mat, exercise mat, equipment mat, ankle/wrist weight, weighted jacket, mat bags and sewn accessories.

Weight Lifting Gloves and Belts

Yansn Co. specializes in the complete range of weight lifting gloves and belts. Non-apparel sewn products like weight lifting gloves and belts are among the company's specializations. Yansn has the latest technology and more than 80 sewing machines to manufacture weight lifting gloves and belts. Latest professional fabric and leather cutting machines, molding machines and printing machines enable the company to manufacture quality weight lifting gloves and belts. Rigorous quality checks ensure error-free weight lifting gloves and belts. Superior quality raw material used ensures superior products in weight lifting gloves and belts. The weight lifting gloves and belts are designed for rough and long term use.

Ankle/Wrist Weights

The ankle/wrist weights from Yansn are innovative in design and comfort. The ankle/wrist weights are manufactured using durable raw material. The company has a well equipped factory to manufacture ankle/wrist weights. Latest and most advanced machinery is used to manufacture superior quality ankle/wrist weights. The testing of ankle/wrist weights ensures error free products.