Leirisit. Lda

Leirisit. Lda

Rua da Escola 35-A
Pocariça, Apartado 52
Maceira - Lra - 2405-029

AboutLeirisit. Lda

Leirisit. Lda - Plastics for Seating Solutions, Tribune seating, Dynamic, Elegance, Compact, Design engineering and production Leirisit. Lda has its focus on innovation, up-to-date technology, and a demanding quality values. Years of ever-growing experience has allowed us to move forward with hi-tech advanced systems, specializing in plastic injection molding. Providing subcontracted services we offer a reliable and professional production.

Leirisit is the Seating Solutions department of CMS Plásticos S.A. and offers following products:

  • Solutions for seating
  • Tribune seating
  • Design engineering and production

Leirisit develops three variants of seating solutions christened Dynamic, Compact and Elegance. Each of these seating solutions is unique for its design and durability.