HERCULAN Sports Surfaces BV
Energieweg 6
4231 DJ Meerkerk ,  Netherlands


Herculan is a global Manufacturer and Supplier of sustainable & high quality sports floors


For over 2 decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality seamless polyurethane sports surfacing systems for use in the Sports world.



With major focus on sports surfacing systems that include indoor sports floors, athletics tracks, multipurpose play areas, tennis courts and children's safety surfacing systems as well as polyurethane and epoxy based products.



Herculan has a strong R&D base and is very proud of the quality of products that it has developed over the years. The company is subject to external quality control audit and carries CE certification for many of the indoor flooring systems that have been developed and produced.



Herculan sports surfaces are approved by international federations such as the IAAF, ITF, BWF, IHF, FIBA to name a few and the company’s systems comply with the relevant EN DIN, British- and Ecospecifier Standards. Plus Herculan is a proudly associated as a member of SAPCA.



The business philosophy complies with customer’s requirement, develop a product range of the highest quality that offers long term durability and true value for money.



While developing and maintaining long term relationships with our raw material suppliers right through to our approved installation partners result in Herculan delivering high quality and consistent completed installations on a worldwide basis.



Key features of Herculan product range:



  • Comfort and safety for the end users
  • Durable, eco-friendly and cost effective
  • EN and CE certified
  • Rated as Safe Building Materials (AgBb-DIBt certified)
  • Seamless finish
  • Soft to the touch
  • Hygienic
  • Easily resurfaced at the end of the cycle






Professional and recreational athletes demand floors which absorb impact to prevent injuries and give excellent ball behaviour.






HERCULAN sports floors, which are seamless from wall to wall, are non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean.






The quality of the HERCULAN products and systems is monitored by in-house quality control laboratory and by specialist test-houses such as ISA Sport The Netherlands, FMPA Germany, Byggforsk Norway, IST Switzerland, Labosport France and CST in the UK.






Engineers from global agency network of specialist installers install HERCULAN Sports surfaces.



Herculan offers you the following systems:



HERCULAN MF - Multi-functional system for indoor sport as well as exhibition, concerts, examinations, speech days and more Herculan MF sports floors are seamless, cushioned, Multi-Functional floors with point-elastic properties. Herculan MF sports floors are used as a multi-sports surface for all indoor sports by ISA Sports, the Netherlands Olympic Committee and the Netherlands Sports Federation.



HERCULAN SO - Sports only multi purpose sports floor are for all the traditional indoor sports and for athletics. Herculan SO sports floors are seamless, cushioned, Sports-Only floors with point elastic properties



HERCULAN SR - spike-resistant multifunctional sports floor for all traditional indoor sports and for athletics where indoor spikes can be used. It is accredited with IAAF performance standards and with DIN 18035 Part 6. The complete range of outdoor running track systems, Herculan SR-National impermeable spray-coat on an in-situ applied elastic mat. Herculan SR-Sprint is a sandwich system based on an impermeable elastomeric layer on an in-situ applied elastic mat and Herculan SR-Olympic an impermeable multi layer full polyurethane athletic track system with an EPDM top.



HERCULAN PE - Point-elastic sports floor for high performance indoor activities point-elastic sports floor achieve the DIN 18031 performance standard. The high performance seamless surfaces of the Herculan PE system is non-porous and gives the optimum slide and slip resistance. Due to the high tensile strength, tear strength and elasticity of the Herculan EX 800 thickness layer, PU145/PU100W wear layer, and its high shock absorbency, the Herculan PE sports floor reduces the risk of injuries to players



HERCULAN ME - multi-elastic sports floor combining the advantages of area-elastic and point elastic sports floors. Herculan ME sports floors are seamless, cushioned, multi functional floors with Mixed Elastic properties



HERCULAN MB - Mixed-elastic multifunctional sports floor for high performance indoor activities. Multi-elastic sports floor combining the advantages of area-elastic and point elastic sports floors.



HERCULAN RH - mixed-elastic sports floor for roller hockey and wheelchair sports.



HERCULAN TC - special point-elastic sports floor developed for tennis, indoor hockey football and badminton. The special Herculan TC Ace, Herculan TC Pro and Herculan TC Smash systems are special designed for tennis, indoor or out-door. It is accredited with ITF performance standards.



HERCULAN IG Decorative - Exceptionally heavy duty, decorative and hygienic elastic floor system for changing rooms, showers and toilet blocks, hospital corridors, schools etc. Herculan IG Decorative is a two-component polyurethane self leveling floor covering. It is solvent free and has high surface hardness.



HERCULAN IG Protective - Exceptionally heavy duty, hygienic elastic floor system for changing rooms, showers and toilet blocks, offices, heavy machinery flooring, etc.



RE-TOPPING - Re-Topping system is designed to overlay an existing cracked and worn out sports floor to give it a second life.