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AboutHandyDeck Systems Inc

HandyTix is one of the most comprehensively equipped online ticketing systems, with one of the lowest cost structures in the industry.

Whether you sell 200 or 200,000 tickets/month, whether you're a small, non-profit community based organization with a single 40 seat venue, or a major sporting organization with 1000's of seats and multiple stadiums, HandyTix can help you streamline your business, save you time and money, attract more patrons, and help you make more money on every ticket sold.

And with a convenient web based interface, a ticketing page that exactly matches your web site, instantaneous receipt of all your ticket income and multi user functionality, why not try how HandyTix can help your organization.

With installations spread across North America, Europe, South Africa, South America and Australia, clients include stadiums, theatres, cinemas, event venues, universities and more.

HandyTix features:

  • No software to install, backup or maintain. A user friendly Windows style menu ensures quick startup.
  • No setup fees. No fixed monthly costs. No long-term contracts. Just a low per ticket usage charge.
  • Set access permissions and personal settings for each user. Add or remove users at will.
  • Access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Log in securely with user name and password.
  • No delayed payments, no deductions. Use your own merchant account or PayPal, or both.
  • Select seats directly from interactive seating charts. Sell and print box office tickets in just 2 mouse clicks.

HandyTix Solutions:

Mobile Phone Ticketing

As phone technology constantly evolves, so too do the options available for purchasing and/or issuing "tickets" to events via mobile (cell) phones. To a large extent, the options available depend on the region and the phone services in operation.

Mobile phone ticketing services that have been implemented already include:

  • iPhone
  • SMS Ticket Delivery
  • Pay by mobile phone

"White Label" Ticketing Portal

"White label" option gives you the opportunity to build a business selling tickets on behalf of other venues who don’t wish to sell tickets online themselves. The HandyTix system has in fact been specifically designed for operating a ticket selling portal including setting up multiple distributors or third party ticket sellers.

Resellers & Agents

HandyTix has been specifically designed for organizations who wish to set up multiple ticket resellers and agents. It keeps track of all tickets consigned or allocated and all commissions or discounts granted to ticket resellers.

In hosting house

The customer also has the option of hosting the customer and ticketing database on your own servers. HandyTix installs all the ticketing software, Apache web server, php etc. remotely once your PC is available for remote access.

Performing Arts

HandyTix can handle any size venue.... from small community playhouses to major concert halls. You have complete control of box office sales via multiple ticket outlets in any locations. Set up any number of pricing zones or seating configurations and offers. Manage all of your events and subscriptions through one simple interface.

Sporting Organizations

Built to handle both large and small venues, HandyTix gives you complete control over multiple ticketing windows, reseller outlets and internet sales. Set up barcode scanning for secure access control. Keep your patrons loyal with season packages or discount offers.

Festivals & Events

From large outdoor concerts to multi day festivals or trade shows to local fairs, HandyTix can handle it. Bar-coded tickets provide secure access control. Online print-at home PDF tickets make ticket issue a cinch.

Schools & Universities

Schools and other educational institutions save valuable time when selling tickets to performances or sporting events with HandyTix.

Clubs & Pubs

Even small venues can find big savings with HandyTix. And automating your ticketing operation gives you more time for all those other pressing tasks you need to attend to.