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Greenfields sports turf

Since its foundation GreenFields has been the fastest growing company of the artificial turf industry. Guided by the principle “diversification through innovation” GreenFields has become the leading artificial turf company with the most original and technologically advanced artificial turf product portfolio in the market.

Global coverage

The GreenFields’ head office and artificial manufacturing facility is located in Genemuiden, The Netherlands. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to reduce CO2 emission and reflects our environmental awareness. Our global offices cover the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia and India. With additional artificial turf production facilities in South Africa, Korea, Algeria and United Arab Emirates and strong alliances with manufacturers in Australia, Russia and North America we are geared to meet the needs of the global artificial turf market.

Preferred producer for artificial turf

As one of the first producers in the synthetic turf industry, GreenFields has been awarded the FIFA Preferred Producer status for football turf, and has been approved by The Federation of International Hockey (FIH) and the International Rugby Board (IRB).

How GreenFields can help you?

It is not just the quality of the artificial turf products that has ensured GreenFields its market leading position today. GreenFields has worked closely with its partners and customers in order to offer a complete service package. We provide a total service from design and consultancy advice through to tailor made artificial turf solutions and turnkey projects. We know that different customers can have very different requirements from Synthetic Turf. Climatic and ground conditions vary from site to site as do player preferences. That makes every single artificial turf installation unique. Rather than offer a single solution, GreenFields has a range of synthetic grass products to ensure you get the solution that is exactly right for your needs.Infill or no infill; monofilament, v-shaped or trilobal fibres; longer or shorter fibres, with or without a shockpad. Our experts will work with you to understand your exact synthetic turf requirements and provide you with the optimum tailor made artificial turf solution.

Reinforced Natural Grass

Some football players like to play on Synthetic Turf because of its constant playing characteristics, and others prefer to play on natural turf because of its authenticity. In practice, football pitches are a compromise between the preference of the players, the demands of heavy use, and the conditions for growing natural grass. So why not combine the best of both systems?

XtraGrass – Best of Both World

XtraGrass™ is GreenFields’ patented grass reinforcement system in which natural grass grows through a specially woven synthetic turf fabric. As a so-called “hybrid system” XtraGrass™ helps to stabilize the pitch and provides added strength and wear characteristics to natural grass.

The advantages of XtraGrass

  • The stability of the pitch is enhanced substantially by combining the strengths of synthetic turf and natural turf.
  • Increased hours of use on natural turf: up to 1000 hours of playing time can be achieved with the correct maintenance program.
  • Easy to install with no specialist equipment required and utilizing a high proportion of local labour.
  • The open structure avoids compaction, which can be enhanced by additions in the lower rootzone.
  • XtraGrass™ allows traditional turf management practices to be carried out.
  • Due to the higher stability of the pitch, pitches can be used for different sports, such as rugby and soccer.
  • Excellent playability in poor weather conditions due to excellent stability and water permeability.
  • The synthetic turf fibres have a green ‘natural grass-like’ appearance and protect root zone and grass plants.
  • Easy to replace damaged areas without having to relay the entire pitch.