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AboutFieldTurf Tarkett SAS


FieldTurf Tarkett SAS is the result of the unification and integration of two giants in the sports surfacing industry - Tarkett Sports and FieldTurf. Over the last ten years FieldTurf Tarkett has established itself as the leader in the artificial turf, indoor sports surfacing and synthetic turf products - progress driven by innovation and underpinned by the strength of the Tarkett Group as a whole.

The company established its reputation with both the FieldTurf and Prestige range of synthetic turf products designed for soccer, rugby and American football at all levels of the game - right up to the highest competitive level. Fieldturf Tarkett range of expertise extends far beyond this, encompassing a comprehensive line that includes basketball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnasium flooring, squash and racquetball courts. The company also supplies artificial turf, indoor sports surfacing and synthetic turf products for weight room flooring, floor protection and covering systems, indoor and outdoor running tracks and has a complete range of tennis and golf surfaces With technical expertise and manufacturing plants around the world, the company produces a far-reaching range artificial turf, indoor sports surfacing and synthetic turf products made from wood, PVC, linoleum, resins and textiles.

Artificial Turf

Having invented and developed the first systems called the third generation of artificial turf, FieldTurf Tarkett first started installing them in 1996. Today, FieldTurf Tarkett has more than 5,000 installations worldwide. For ecological reasons, these artificial turfs are filled with recycled rubber granules and are particularly suitable for large sports pitches, such for football, rugby and American football. Constantly improving, artificial turf and synthetic turf products in this range have playing characteristics similar to those of regularly-maintained natural turf. In particular, they provide numerous advantages for clubs and local authorities: the length of time for which a FieldTurf or Prestige pitch can be used is just about unlimited. Artificial turf and synthetic turf products provide stable long-term performance levels with the pitch requiring limited maintenance in comparison to natural turf.

The quality of the systems developed by Tarkett Sports is acknowledged by FIFA, UEFA and national federations. FIFA and UEFA have permitted competition matches to be played on the company's artificial turf since 1st February 2004, as for instance the Euro 2008 qualifier between England and Russia, which was a success in Luzhniki Stadium's Tarkett Sports turf, certified FIFA 2-Star. Luzhniki Stadium, home of CSKA Moscow, regularly hosts official national and international games of the team. Vagner Silva de Souza (Love), who plays for CSKA Moscow and plays as a striker for the Brazilian team, indeed explained: "I can honestly say that Luzhniki's artificial pitch is a top quality playing surface. Both myself and my team have become used to playing on this turf. I think that the pitch's specifications enable us to maintain a very high level of play season after season."

Spanish FC Barcelona, French Olympique de Marseille, English Arsenal, and the best of the teams train on FieldTurf Tarkett new generation artificial turf pitches.

Quality Indoor Sports Surfacing

FieldTurf Tarkett understands that each indoor sports surfacing project is unique and thus take effort to conduct an in-depth review and discussion of each project with their customers ahead of time. Regardless of the sport, surface or facility, they have been assisting in the realization of quality indoor sports surfacing for customers at every level of competition and for every type of organization. It can be a private or publicly funded organization wanting to create unique indoor sports surfacing facility for amateur or for professional athletes, Fieldturf Tarkett is ever ready to serve. They can rest assured that FieldTurf Tarkett will be able to provide them with quality indoor sports surfacing solution for any and all applications.

Sustainability: an everyday practice, not just an idea

Fieldturf Tarkett is constantly looking for better raw materials. Every day Fieldturf Tarkett comes to work trying to build a better floor - a floor that enables their customers to balance the impact on the earth, their people and their budgets. Fieldturf Tarkett provides the floors of the future - sustainable floors that help all live in balance.