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Desso Sports Systems

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AboutDesso Sports Systems

Desso Sports Systems designs and develops artificial turf playing surfaces for football (soccer), American football, rugby, hockey, tennis and pitches for multifunctional use. Desso is not only present on the sports field, but also synthetic turf for landscaping purposes and mobile pitches are developed by Desso Sports. It has its own in-house high-tech R&D for tailor-made products. It controls the process right down to the last millimeter with professional installation and after-sale services spread worldwide.

What can Desso Sports Systems do for you?

For over 30 years Desso Sports Systems has helped people facing the typical grass problems such as a natural pitch that isn't adequate, lack of space, very expensive maintenance or too few volunteers to care for the pitch. The solution? Artificial turf and/or a hybrid grass system.

Artificial turf or hybrid grass?

Which system best suits the project? Desso Sports is happy to guide you through the world of artificial turf and to help you give shape to your dream. From the concept of fibre structures and the development of the sub-base systems, on the production of synthetic turf fibres to laying and maintenance; Desso Sports takes responsibility for the entire artificial turf process from A to Z. This means that the company can produce an artificial grass pitch to suit one needs, expectations and budget.

What is Desso GrassMaster?

Desso GrassMaster is a sports field of 100 per cent natural grass reinforced with Desso synthetic grass fibres. The unique element of this patented hybrid grass system is the 20 million artificial grass fibres injected 20 cm deep into the pitch. Discover all about the Desso GrassMaster hybrid grass system on

Benefits of hybrid grass

During the growing process, the roots of the natural grass entwine with the synthetic turf fibres and anchor the turf into a stable and even field. In this way the natural grass fibres are well protected against tackles and sliding. Moreover, it ensures better drainage of the pitch.

Synthetic turf for sports

Passion for sport sits deep in Desso Sports Systems´ pioneering genes. With more than 30 years of experience, Desso has built a solid reputation as a reliable partner that continues to innovate. We look back with pride on the many milestones and innovations that are behind us, and also look to the future with ambition and confidence.

Artificial grass for garden, town and company

Desso artificial turf is not only to be found on sports fields. Desso Sports Systems also have an artificial grass range for municipal green areas and private use allowing you to create an attractive cityscape, a garden that's easy to maintain, or a stylish roof patio in a flash. No mowing is required; no watering during hot weather, no pesticides and reduced maintenance costs.

Mobile sports pitches

A temporary indoor hockey event, a football skills demonstration in the town square, an extra sports pitch during a school sports week? It is all possible thanks to the Desso Mobile system. In no time, a multifunctional sports ground can be installed on any level surface. The patented installation system, based on the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, makes Desso Mobile very transportable: it can be quickly and easily (dis-) assembled and moved to a new location.