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AboutBergo Flooring AB

Bergo Flooring has since 1972, developed multifunctional plastic floors.

To meet demands from all possible environments and climates, the products are now manufactured in various polypropylene composites.

All Bergo products are characterized by a series of multi-functional properties that make them work both indoors and outdoors. This has made the company a world leader in the field of multifunctional floor tiles. Products are manufactured in Sweden and a wide range is exported too.

Bergo Sports floor

BERGO is an interlocking flooring system available in two designs, several colours and ideal for most sports and activities. One may choose from the few preparations before installing, especially quick and easy when renovating old courts. These are available in three designs: MULTISPORT, TENNIS and TOP TILE SPORT.


The unique construction will give correct resilience, bounce and friction. The perforated pattern and underneath design allows excellent drainage capability, which will make the court dry quickly after rain. No puddles. The floor can stay outside in both summer, winter and other harsh winter conditions. BERGO is according to evaluations made by Chalmers Technical University of Sweden, lenient with the players back and joints.

Easy to install

BERGO can be installed on concrete, asphalt or almost any other hard and flat surface. Tapping a rubber mallet or similar over the protruding rings easily interlocks the tiles together. No special tools, glue or screws are needed. A jig- or cir¬cular saw to cut the tiles for a perfect fit can be used.


The interlocking flooring system offers several practical accessories such as: Disassembly-tools, Edge-/Corner strips and Expansion strips/Cross-pieces in matching colours.

Lines can either be created by using tiles, expansion strips or by normal painting procedure.


The ingenious design allows for the floor to be moved quick¬ly. The floor can easily be taken apart by using a disassembly-tool. In case one tile is damaged on the court you can change the individual tile by using a replacement-tool.

Minimal maintenance

BERGO requires virtually no maintenance. Normal floor care such as occasional wet cleaning, vacuuming and/or power hosing is usually all that is needed. The flooring system is without doubt is a cost saving alternative to high maintenance floors/coatings.


  • Withstand all climates and environments
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to install and move
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Ergonomic - easy on your back and joints
  • Hot/cold regulation
  • Correct bounce over the complete court
  • Very durable
  • Excellent drainage capability
  • Ventilates the floor underneath
  • All-weather court – dries quickly after rain
  • Sound absorbing characteristics• Ideal on worn asphalt or cracked concrete.



Eco-friendly production, with no harmful emissions.

Production with environmentally friendly 100% recyclable materials and in our ECO-range with already recycled materials. We reduce volume of waste!


Easy to install and requires no fasteners such as nails or screws,Very Durable, 10 years warranty, Longevity for 15-20 years, few preparations before installing, especially quick and easy when renovating old courts,

Bergo Multisport:

MULTISPORT can be installed for most usage areas. The level of friction provides stop and go characteristics which are perfect for: Inline hockey, Floorball, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Handball, Volleyball, Netball, Aerobics etc. BERGO is also an ideal solution for on/off arrangements, such as special events, shows and exhibitions where you need to install and remove the flooring quickly. BERGO is widely used in various hockey tournaments in Sweden and recommended by several sport federations.

Bergo Tennis:

BERGO TENNIS is a well-established surface, approved and classified by ITF and the Swedish Tennis Association.The excellent drainage capacity/special design will give a high usage ratio and the surface will bring good economy to the investor.

The minimal maintenance required has been appreciated by communities, embassies, hotels, large companies and leisure establishments all over the world. The floor has been classified “Medium-Fast” and the unique construction gives correct resilience, bounce and friction.

Bergo Tennis gives correct bounce over the complete court 11 angle of incidence gives a 13 angle of bounce.

Bergo Concept Top Tile SPORT

TOP TILE SPORT is an ideal solution for permanent installations indoors. Also ideal for temporary event.

Top Tile Sport is a smart, economical and sustainable solution that quickly transform any facility to a sports hall with high quality. The floor is also a simple solution for problem areas, such as damp subfloors, uneven surfaces or premises in need of renovation.

Usage areas: BERGO CONCEPT TOP TILE is approved according to EN 14904 which is the European standard for indoor sports floors and has undergone several tests and meet the tough demands made for sports floors. The floors are made of non-toxic, emission-free and food grade materials that are 100% recyclable again and again. The floor is laid quick and easy. A minimum of preparation is required.