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SITTEM's line of tip-up seats is a perfect solution for first-class sports facilities. Their sleek design and comfortable dimensions prioritize spectator ease of movement and personal space.

SITTEM seats are a reliable choice, offering both aesthetics and comfort to complement any architectural style. They are FIBA-approved and certified for strength by the IBV institute, meeting the European standard (UNE-EN 13200).

SITTEM seats and their accessories are mounted on a rail system, allowing for a wide range of configurations to suit available space. Additionally, various seat finishes and add-ons provide further customization options for your seating area.

Built to Last: Level 4 Durability

SITTEM seats are rated Level 4 for public use – the highest level according to UNE-EN 13200 regulations.

Recommended in:

  • Football stadiums
  • Indoor arenas and sports pavilions
  • Auditoriums and entertainment venues

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