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The CRM high-backrest stadium seat is designed for general grandstands, adhering to UEFA/FIFA recommendations. It's particularly well-suited for venues with limited space due to its ergonomic design. Optionally, enhance your brand identity by incorporating your logo directly onto the seat backrest.

Durable, Easy-Clean Construction:

Manufactured using high-quality, stabilized copolymer polypropylene with a modern matte textured finish, the CRM is built to last. The injection-molded plastic construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the gap-free design simplifies cleaning by preventing dirt accumulation. Additionally, a central drainage system is integrated for further convenience.

Flexible Installation Options:

For optimal comfort, we recommend installing the seat approximately 45 cm from floor level. The CRM offers a variety of mounting options:

  • Direct Step Mounting: When grandstand dimensions allow (e.g., standard 85/40 cm profile), the seat can be directly mounted on the step.
  • Metallic Brackets: Achieve optimal viewer height with CRM seats coupled with our metallic brackets. These brackets offer floor or riser mounting options, and seats can be fixed or mobile benches.
  • PP-Fiberglass Brackets: Ideal for environments with high humidity or salinity (seaside facilities, indoor pools, etc.), the CRM is also compatible with PP-Fiberglass brackets for floor or riser mounting. This material offers superior resistance to oxidation, humidity, and salinity.


  • Numbering: Personalize your seating layout with your choice of aluminum or adhesive numbering options.
  • Armrests: Enhance spectator comfort further with individual or shared armrest options.
  • Cushioning and Logo Embroidery: Optional cushioned backrests and seats can be customized with your logo embroidery.

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