Company : Leirisit. Lda

Category : Stadium Seating

Compact seating at ADOS

Leirisit’s Compact style seating design is really worth its name. It is a best combination of compactness with ergonomics of seating. It satisfies the seating requirements of an arena unlike anything else with better quality materials. The raw material quality as well as final output quality is evidently unparallel to any other seating solution that can compete with Compact seating. While the level of comfort is undisturbed compared to its adjacent brands, Dynamic and Elegance, the design is simple, tough and compact. Color selection is flexible again. Integrating Compact seats with an arena is easier and hence these varieties are particularly selected against many others in the seating market. Compact’s compact design invited several arena organizers across Europe to install them at arenas under their responsibility. Compact’s best arena till date has been ADOS..!!

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