Company : Bluecube GB Ltd

Category : Stadium Seating

Integra Seating System

Integra is suited to a broad range of venue applications. Key features that differentiate integra and solara ranges are the upholstery options and up-grades available. The integra range spans plastic and padded variants at base level but is also available full seat and backrest upholstery, high back and acoustic performance. Integra provides the perfect VIP or club seat in Stadium venues.

Integra features include;

  • Fully adjustable rail mount.
  • 480mm seat width.
  • 3 / 4 tip envelope
  • Optional shared or individual armrests.
  • Cup-Holders
  • End Row panel.
  • High Backrest.
  • Optional full seat upholstery.
  • Soft Tip.

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