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Telescopic Seating Systems

Bluecube has an established reputation in the supply and installation of major international Stadium and bluecube projects. Venues often require both fixed and telescopic seating to be supplied and installed under one contract. The design, size and functions of telescopic platforms on major projects are always venue specific. Bluecube prefers to be involved as early as possible in the specification to assist and advise architects and professional teams in providing appropriate solutions.

The choice of seating solution in combination with the desire to work with one trusted supplier is often the driving force in a client’s decision to appoint Bluecube as a turn key supplier for both the seating and telescopic package. Recent projects include the highly prestigious NISA bluecube, Glasgow, Scotland evolving 6,000 seats, 3,000 of which are on Telescopic platforms.

Seats are available on a choice of mechanical fold-down assemblies that are designed to meet the needs of all sizes of installation; typically smaller installations with fewer seats prefer the simplicity of the manual assist system. Larger venues that require quick turnaround times between events prefer the speed and labour saving of our semi – automatic system.

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