Selecting the right maintenance and cleaning machinery plays a key role in ensuring a top quality synthetic sports surface.

SMG offers the biggest product range of unique modern machinery for the installation of synthetic surfaces in the sports industry. Also for the maintenance of artificial turf or carpets with granule infilling we also presented the world’s first innovations since the 80s. SMG equipment and their special attachments are suitable for all types and sizes of synthetic sports surfaces – from the smallest playgrounds to the largest stadiums. Projects ranging from standardized children’s playgrounds up to an IAAF-certified athletic stadium are possible. Over the Years, SMG has been cooperating with numerous business partners who do appreciate and trust our business policies, which have always been about meeting our customers’ highest expectations.

The Art of Artificial Turf Maintenance by SMG
An extensive product range of machines to maintain and clean artificial turf fields all over the world is provided by SMG – a total of 14 machines and attachments. In this market, SMG has developed and defined new standards based on its long-term experience, which provide users not only with valuable information for handling, but also with helpful guidance in deciding on the right product to do the best possible job. SMG therefore no longer focuses on the vague markets of general cleaning and care. Instead, the company now concentrates on two key areas – routine and advanced
maintenance of artificial turf fields.

Choosing the right tool regular routine maintenance of artificial turf becomes necessary after 10 hours of playing and requires one hour of weekly cleaning. The advanced maintenance of surfaces is required once or twice a year.

Regular maintenance includes inspection of lines and seams, cleaning of the surface, leveling and uniform spreading of infill, and brushing of the fibers. All these tasks can be performed using SMG’s equipment, which features grounddriven rotating brushes – the TurfScout TS1400 and TurfCare TCA 1400, TurfBoy TB1 and CareMax CM1. Advanced maintenance treatments not only include all of the aforementioned tasks, but also all additional necessary maintenance procedures: decompaction and deep cleaning, seasonal maintenance (winter service), the removing of moss and repairs. Performing these tasks requires SMG equipment fitted with motorized brushes and suction systems – the
TurfSoft TS2, TurfBoy TB2, SportChamp SC2, CareMax CM2 and TurfKing TK1502. For regular routine
maintenance of smaller sports grounds, such as five-a-side or futsal pitches, SMG recommends the TurfScout TS1400 as an attachment appliance, and the TurfBoy TB1 as a motorized solution.For full-size pitches, SMG offers the TurfCare TCA1400 and the CareMax CM1. SMG recommends operators aquire one of these five machines and devices as part of an ideal solution – both financially and functionally.

SMG’s best selling equipment and commonly selected product for routine turf maintenance
The TurfCare TCA1400 is a ground-driven, tow-behind machine suitable for routine maintenance of all kinds of infilled synthetic turf pitches. The wheel drive makes the equipment independent from hydraulic or power shaft drives. The TurfCare can therefore be pulled by various vehicles (such as small compact tractors or quads) with working width of 1.4m (4.6ft). The TurfCare’s technical specifications make the product a unique and easy-to-use tool for groundskeeping staff. The machine features: metered reapplication of infilling material with simultaneous dirt removal through two
sieve trays, which have variable settings (from 4-10mm); a depth-adjustable row of tines to decompact infill material; a working width of 1.4m (4.6ft); adjustable working depth via two spindles; and a rearmounted drag brush measuring 1.7m (5.6ft) wide, for top surface finish.

TurfCare TCA1400


SportChamp SC3D4HL


CareMax CM2B


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