Artificial turf maintaining standards by SMG CareMax CM2B

SMG is worldwide considered to be a pioneer in synthetic sports surfaces and in several other areas. Today the company offers the largest product range for machines to maintain and clean the world's artificial turf fields - a total of more than 20 machines and attachments. In this market, SMG has developed and defined new standards based on its long-term experience, which provide users not only with valuable information for handling, but also with helpful guidance in deciding on the right product to do the best possible job.

Regular maintenance includes inspection of lines and seams, cleaning of the surface, leveling and uniform spreading of infill, and brushing of the fibres. Advanced maintenance treatments not only include all of the aforementioned tasks, but also all additional necessary maintenance procedures: decompaction and deep cleaning, seasonal maintanance(winter service), the removing of moss, and repairs. Performing these tasks requires SMG equipment fitted with motorized brushes and suction systems - like the CareMax CM2, a ride-on machine for the cleaning and care of artificial turf. Its integrated proven technology will assure that the physical performance characteristics of the artificial turf will be maintained at all times.