Levi’s Stadium – the new ‘smart stadium’

We know of smart phones, smart cars and smart homes. Now come smart stadiums!

In the heart of Silicon Valley, is the Levi’s Stadium which happens to be the most technologically equipped stadium in the world.

The stadium located in San Francisco will allow 70,000+ fans to connect to WiFi and access 4G network to catch up on important events. The 49ers are responsible for such a technology. They had laid down 400 miles of cable, that will serve WiFi routers placed at every 100 seats interval inside the stadium. The Levi’s Stadium features a 40GB per second of available bandwith.

According to Dan Williams, VP of technology for Levi’s Stadium, the stadium will have “ 40 times more Internet bandwidth capacity than any known U.S. stadium, and four times greater than the standard for NFL stadiums that’s been mandated by the league to be in place by 2015.”

This stadium also has almost 1700 high-tech beacons. These bacons use the most updated Bluetooth technology that is low on energy standards and these can also help people find their seats by pinpointing them as well as to other places in the stadium. This technology can also be used to send alerts to the people about upcoming events, concessions, etc

Sony has also contributed to the overall execution and some high end features belong to Sony. Sony televisions, about 2000 have been placed all over the stadium beginning from the control room to every nook and corner. Around 70 4K TVs can be found in most of the suites as also the two giant LED displays.

Mike Fasulo, the president and COO of Sony Electronics, about his company’s involvement in the new Levi’s Stadium, mentioned, “Our partnership with the San Francisco 49ers and the new Levi’s Stadium goes well beyond technology and products. This is truly a one-of-a-kind fan experience, with the world’s greatest showcase of 4K technology from the best of Sony’s professional and consumer products. For every event, every fan will be immersed in the pinnacle of entertainment and technology to enhance their experience.”

Other major sponsors include – Intel, Yahoo and Brocade.

Apart from all the above, on a smart phone and tablet is now available, Levi’s stadium app which sources mentioned have the following features -


  • The app can guide people to the parking lot entrance closest to their seats, and then once inside, guide them to their actual seats.
  • Fans can watch up to four replays at a time during the game, seeing the exact replays shown by the studio as if they were watching at home on their TV. A fan can actually watch the game live on this app as well. They can also get stats and other info related to the game via this app.
  • It can guide fans to the closest bathroom with the shortest lines, which I predict will become the most used feature at any game.
  • Fans can connect either by Wi-Fi or to one of the 4G networks from the major carriers. Each of the big telecom networks has expanded its antenna service to enhance its customers’ wireless connections within the stadium.
  • Fans can order food and drink from any seat in the stadium and it will be delivered directly to their seats. People also have the option of ordering food from their seats and going to an express line at the concession stands to pick up their food in person, too.

We are hopeufl that newer technolgies will enter this sector and enhance this experience, a little further.



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