Evolution of Nanotechnology in Sports Equipment

With the ever growing development of new technologies, sports cannot go together without technology. Sports industry is getting better day by day by leveraging several areas. Sports industry also deals with smallest things called ‘Nanotechnology’ across the globe.

Nano Technology: This is the technology and science that deals with the material creation at the molecular level and it can be sprawled into different fields to reinforce them with its advanced characteristics, enhancing properties of the material.

Impact of Nanotechnology on Sports industry:

With the advent of nanotechnology in the sports industry, there has been the benefit of reducing the equipment weight and amplifying efficiency. Nanotechnology has fetched more sturdiness; potency and lightweight at the same time making athletes feel comfy, safer, less prone to injuries and agile than the prior.

Equipments such as tennis/badminton racquets, racing bicycles, golf balls, baseball bats, archery arrows, skis, hockey sticks, fly-fishing rods and so on are few of the sports equipments that enhance their performance with the advent of nanotechnology in sports industry.

Nanotechnology in sports equipment beefed up tennis rackets from their predecessor’s metals and woods weighs too less by the integration of graphite filled carbon nanotubes into the row. On the other hand, the racquets crafted from the nanotechnology is stronger and lighter to hold and its birth mate ball (Nanotechnology in Sports Equipment) is also equipped with the nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology in sports equipment also helps to make a line of coating of nanoparticles on Tennis balls to change the property of inflating as air cannot be evaded from the core of the ball that helps to decline in the ball replacement.

When it comes to professional cycling, every second counts towards the victory. Changes have been done in the manufacturing of bicycles by introducing the carbon nanotubes into the carbon fibre resin. Introduction of nanotechnology in sports equipments  makes bicycles lighter and stronger that in turn help cyclists to make a greater difference in cycling.

Swim suits wore by competitors during 2008 Bejing Olympics contain coating by water repellent nanoparticles spilled miracles. This made athlete’s to pull out their skills easily and made them won gold medals.

Nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, nanoclay, silica nanoparticles, carbon nanofibers, nano-nickel and carbon nanparticles are in the equipment use of Golf, Kayanking, Bowling, Watercraft, Road racing, skiing, Tennis/Badminton and Archery to invoke benefits like repulsion power, potency, sturdiness, scratch, enlarged stiffness, reduced weight and chipping.

Nanotechnology in Sports industry plays a key role and the frontiers of swear is certainly high for sports persons. Nanotechnology into the sports clothing brought them materials breathable. Socks are injected with seizing bacteria and odour through the silver nanoparticles usage in the material.


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