Sports Ground Equipments and Upcoming Trends

•    Sports ground rollers
•    polyurethane floors
•    Lawn Mover
•    Wearable Technologies
•    Cricket bowling machines
•    Professional tennis ball machine

Sports ground rollers:

Rolling is applied to smoothing out uneven surfaces and also can be used to press uprooted or raised plants back into the soil to prevent desiccation. Rolling can produce a strong surface to provide a safer and faster surface. If the soil is too dry there will be no use of rolling and if the soil is too wet excessive soil compaction can occur.

Rollers typically range from 0.5-1 ton or more. The maximum weight which should be used for a native soil is one ton. The amount of stress a particular soil can withstand depends upon its ability to resist compaction which depends upon soil texture and moisture content. So make sure the roller is not too heavy for your situation or it can rut up and over compress the field.


polyurethane floors:

One of the strongest and most long-lasting sports flooring solutions is polyurethane. It is suitable for basketball and all other indoor stadiums while standing up to high point loads and heavy loads. If you need a surface for sports that can withstand even heavy equipment is polyurethane, which is an excellent option. It is the only sports flooring system that is completely seamless.


Lawn Movers:


To obtain a strong and beautiful pitch it should be mowed regularly. But, the weather conditions are consequently or constantly not ideal. The result with a lawnmower is that often after mowing, redundant clippings or a lump of grass need to be removed. It has very fast rotating blades with a small diameter and a uniquely shaped shielding. This guarantees that the grass clippings are subdued and well paved when they hit the ground. The unique flexible decks ensure that the soil is determined optimally.

•    Electric powered
•    No oil leaks
•    High productivity
•    Energy efficient
•    Low noise
•    Low maintenance
•    Good spread grass clippings
•    Wet & dry grass

Upcoming and ongoing sports technology

Wearable Technologies:


Wearable technology is the single greatest trend that influencing the fitness world. Devices like smart watches, fitness trackers, microchips, and heart rate monitors have exploded in large over the last few years and the number of people using these tools continuously increasing their capability.

As technology and sports continue to blend, advances could lead to dramatically enhance performance not only in elite athletes but in any fitness enthusiast willing to benefit the possibilities.

Cricket bowling machines:


It is the best cricket practice facility available to all cricketers at an affordable price, which has recognized as a very tangible and enjoyable way to improve batting performance.

Bowling machine includes a pair of balls ejecting each provided with a concave surface designed in a body of an elastic material. These wheels are mounted on the base for axial rotation in a common horizontal way, and the gap between the wheels should be slightly less than the diameter of a ball and at last speed of each wheel can be adjustable independently. This machine shifts the kinetic energy to the ball by frictional gripping of the ball among two rotating wheels. The base is provided by tilting legs, which are mounted on a support so that the required angular adjustment of the ball is possible. Controls are stored for controlling the speed of the wheel. These adjustments of the wheels give wide variations in the speed and swing of the ball.

Professional tennis ball machine:


A tennis ball machine is a mechanism that automatically throws out tennis balls at various speeds and angles. Its main objective is to help players to develop their ball hitting technique.

How to Choose a Tennis Ball Machine

•    Power

Majority of the machines are battery operated and once the energy runs out, you need to charge it before using it again. But, some expensive models come with both battery and D/C options which allows to charge and play at the same time.

•    Propulsion

Two types of propulsions one is spinning or counter-rotating wheels and other is air pressure or pneumatic air pressure propulsion. In rotating wheels, the machine rotates with a pace and fire balls around the court the speed of the wheels can be easily adjusted. In air pressure machine the ball is fired by using air pressure through a plastic tube it consumes very low power and only runs on A/C.

•    Oscillation

A device with an oscillation feature will simulate a real player more by firing a ball in different directions. Generally, we have horizontal oscillation but, the advanced models also have vertical as well. Dual oscillation feature is usually demanded by the advanced level players and comes at an extra cost.

•    Speed

Choosing a machine with a suitable speed limit is very important. Usually, the speed limit is 10-95 mph on the leading end. When looking for a new tennis ball machine, make sure to match your skill level as well. If you are a beginner, a range of 10-50 mph would be enough.

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