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Sportsbeams and Austin FC Partner to Introduce Revolutionary LED Lighting Features for New MLS Stadium



Sportsbeams and Austin FC Partner to Introduce Revolutionary LED Lighting Features for New MLS Stadium


Austin, Texas


Sportsbeams and Austin FC

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Major League Soccer (MLS) club Austin FC has selected Austin-based stadium lighting specialists Sportsbeams Lighting, Inc. to install state-of-the-art Chromabeams LED 900 fixtures within the Club's new stadium, presently under construction.


When Austin FC's new stadium opens in Spring 2021, the facility will be the first new-construction stadium project in the world to feature tunable white and full RGB capable lights throughout the entire venue.

Austin FC's stadium will be illuminated unlike any other soccer stadium worldwide, as each of the 396 lighting fixtures in the venue will be capable of instantly adjusting from a traditional white light to a range of two million RGB color options across the color spectrum.  Sportsbeams Chromabeams are armed with patented technology that is unprecedented in the sports lighting industry worldwide. Housed in full aluminum die-cast body and single-optic tempered glass lens, these are one of the only lights in the entire industry that do not have any plastic in the light path or its housing. Additionally, Chromabeams LED 900 lights also have three levels of active and passive cooling and can deliver up to 85,000 lumens per fixture with intelligent power supply management and controls.

"The illumination within Austin FC's venue will represent the most advanced stadium lighting system available in the world, and it is very fitting that our tech-forward lighting package is supplied by an Austin-based specialist in sports lighting," commented Andy Loughnane, Austin FC President. "The Sportsbeams system will provide superior illumination for players, performers, and all stadium guests."

Chromabeams are the new standard for sports lighting in major venues, allowing the addition of double the number of LEDs in a regular unit while delivering the least glare of any sports lighting fixtures available worldwide.

In addition to superior lighting for in-game action, Chromabeams lighting fixtures enable one-of-a-kind, show-stopping light shows drenched in millions of different colors. This will create a visual experience for Austin FC stadium visitors which has not previously been accomplished within any soccer stadium worldwide.