EPDM Mulch

Melos EPDM Mulch is the innovative, exclusive component for the creation of fall protection surfaces, recreational surfaces and walkways. The shape of EPDM Mulch has a natural character. As a water-permeable surface Melos EPDM Mulch provides a hygienic and economic alternative to organic mulches.

A smooth and poured in place EPDM Mulch surface enables barrier-free and safe playing fun. EPDM Mulch is made of high quality and virgin raw materials and is completely dyed through. In contrast to PU-coated mulches, the colour of EPDM Mulch is long-term stable. EPDM Mulch is available in five colours ex works that can be combined in three different blends.

EPDM Mulch – durable, safe, economical

EPDM Mulch offer a number of advantages:


  • Reliable material properties for long lasting fall protection
  • Suitable for barrier free floorings for wheelchairs and prams
  • Long lasting material, resistant to weathering and UV light
  • Durable, even when intensively used
  • Variety of colours for creative design options
  • Hygienic virgin product
  • Environmentally compatible & health-friendly


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